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1867 - 2017

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2017 Event Schedule - Caldwell

Arriving at Caldwell, the cowboys knew they were out of Indian Territory and into Kansas. The cowboys soon dubbed Caldwell the "Border Queen."

During its wild days, Caldwell went through 16 marshals in 6 years! Historical markers in downtown Caldwell provide an unusually complete view of the town's colorful past. Stop by the visitors plaza at Main and 1st for a free map and tour guide.

Located at a scenic turn-out just off US-81 south of Caldwell, our Ghost Rider silhouettes are known far and wide. Ghostly, life-sized silhouettes of a trail drive give one a feeling of the vast herds that walked the Chilshom Trail.

Caldwell's friendly people will have you convinced that you have found a new home.


There are no events scheduled for this month


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